Banking Solutions

We are a provider of banking solutions with a large market of cooperative societies that provide banking services. We provide a comprehensive range of banking products, framework-based solutions, and specialised services.

We have over a decade of experience serving a diverse range of business enterprises, including single and multi-branch credit cooperative societies, chit fund management software products and among others.

Our chit fund software system is a full-featured web application software for managing various types of chit projects. You can manage your Chit Fund activities from any location and at any time.

We offer responsive solutions and services tailored to cooperative society and other banking needs. It includes the following

  • Unique Customer Identification Code, Know Your Customer, C-Kyc Solution, E-Kyc Solution, Shares Management Solution.
  • Loan Origination, Loan Application Acquisition, Credit Scoring, Processing & Document Management.
  • Loans - Term Loans, Cash Credit Limits, Overdraft, Gold Loans and many more configurable loan products.
  • Current Account, Savings Account, Term Deposits, Recurring Deposits.
  • Retail Banking – Branch Banking Services to customers along with Inter-branch transactions facility for all retail banking branch operations.
  • General Ledger, Financial Accounting, Investments, Financial Statements for Branches and for entire Bank.
  • Enterprise Applications of GST Tax Compliance, HRMS & Payroll, Fixed Assets & Inventory Management, Reconciliation, Audit & Compliance, SMS & Email Gateway Integrations.
  • User Management with Two Factor Authentication, Digi-pass & Biometric authentication for Login, Digital Signing, Audit Trail.

Key Software

  • Master Entry Module
  • Member / Advisor Module
  • Investment Module
  • Savings Account Module
  • Loan Module
  • Maturity Module
  • Approval Module
  • Admin Module
  • Voucher Module
  • Payment Module
  • Modification Module
  • Accounts Module
  • Print Module
  • Search Module
  • Report Module
  • SMS Module
  • Auto Generation Features
  • Member / Advisor Login Module
  • HRM Module
  • Stock and Logistic Module
  • General Features