EeC Banking

An Easy Efficient Cost-effective Web Solution for Banking

The financial services industry is becoming more advanced in terms of innovation and digital transformation. EeC Banking is a cost-effective, user-friendly, and cloud-based web solution for the banking and financial needs of small to medium-sized financial institutions, cooperative societies, and other similar organizations.

This software offers unique features, such as the ability for collection agents to collect loan instalments from multiple customers and update the server using GPS via a handheld device.

EeC Banking has four distinct modules

  • The Core Banking module, which includes features such as savings accounts, current accounts, home safe deposit, fixed deposits, gold loans, personal loans, consumer loans, hire purchase loans, Grahasree loans and daily loans.
  • The Mutual Benefit Fund (MBF) module, which enables the creation and management of MBFs.
  • The HRMS module, which is responsible for managing employee details and payroll functions.
  • The Accounting module, which has the ability to generate day books, ledgers, trial balances, income and expenditure statements, and balance sheets. It also manages credit sales and purchase accounting, share accounts, shares in other institutions, other bank accounts, investment accounts, borrowing accounts and transaction accounts.